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Jason Waguespack

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One Shell Square
701 Poydras St., 40th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70139
New Orleans
In 1987, John Galloway, Mike Johnson, James Tompkins, and Timothy Burr united their over 50 years of legal experience to form Galloway Johnson Tompkins and Burr.  The founders of Galloway Johnson aspired to provide a myriad of legal services to their insurance and corporate clients, focusing on maritime law, insurance defense and coverage, oil and gas, employer's liability, worker's compensation, and products liability.  Since 1987, our New Orleans office has grown from these humble beginnings to encompass nearly 40 outstanding attorneys.  This growth has allowed Galloway Johnson to expand in a host of additional areas of litigation, including environmental law, toxic torts, construction, energy, professional liability, and general casualty/automobile liability.  In short, our New Orleans office has the extensive legal knowledge, resources and tenacity required to pursue any litigation needs that may arise in today’s complex global economy.

New Orleans is a city unlike any other, both in terms of its culture and its legal community.  Founded in 1718 by Jean Baptiste La Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, New Orleans was little more than a trading camp on a curve of the east bank of the Mississippi River.  Later, the city would be organized into a rectangular, fortified community that still exists today as the infamous French Quarter.  Renowned for its culinary delights and Bourbon Street revelry, the French Quarter remains not only the crown jewel of our vibrant city, but one of the largest tourist attractions in the country.

As New Orleans grew to the west, north, and east, it followed the curve of the Mississippi River, ultimately being nicknamed the “Crescent City” because of its unique layout.  Due to the surrounding swamps and marshes so often associated with Louisiana, levees and canals were built throughout the city to protect from water inundation.  These levees and canals still exist, exceeding even the mileage of the canals of Venice, Italy.

New Orleans’ unique characteristics are a direct result of its incomparable residents.  They instill this city with pride not often seen in modern America, as exemplified during the Saints’ recent victory in Super Bowl XLIV.  The rabid “Who Dat Nation” represents more than a fan base; it represents New Orleans’ entire population coming together as one to celebrate the reemergence of this great city.  For all of the hardships suffered at the hands of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, New Orleans has reestablished itself as the premier cultural destination in the South.  Each year, New Orleans hosts a number of festivals that have garnered national acclaim:  French Quarter Wine Festival, French Quarter Festival, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, and, of course, Mardi Gras.

Given its unparalleled culture, New Orleans’ legal climate is also replete with idiosyncrasies. Our New Orleans attorneys understand these unique characteristics and stand ready to utilize them to our clients’ advantage throughout the Greater New Orleans area.


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